Joe Keenan

digital Strategist & Producer

Leader and Guide in Nonprofit Digital Transformation


Thank you for the all the times you advocated, whether it be for something Blueprint's specifically doing / trying to do, or just generally guiding these organizations to be thoughtful in how they approach and make decisions. It's such an asset to have someone like you as a partner for these groups.
Joe is our go-to person when it comes to digital optimization and improvement. He’s a strategic and creative thinker but also excels at execution. His expertise in analytics, analysis and optimization have helped us identify opportunities and leverage our digital investments and assets
Joe was brought on to help shepherd a full site redesign of our under-utilized and outdated web site. That successful project led to a series of initiatives that drove both strategic and operational improvements across our digital assets and marketing channels. He always provides a holistic view on implementing digital transformation and strategy by identifying the right S.M.A.R.T goals, tools, and technology to help the core and extended teams in our organization be more effective and efficient. We see Joe as part of the digital team – not just a consultant. Joe has made a huge impact in my growth as a digital professional through his mentoring and unrelenting interest in solving digital challenges that seem impossible. Whenever I encounter a new project or problem at work, volunteering, or as a board member, I often think, “What would Joe do?”

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